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New Gaming Club Bonus

, 2005-08-04, by TwoGun

In order to entice new players to join their poker room, online cardrooms offer signup bonuses to new players.

Previously, The Gaming Club had a unique bonus that allowed all new players to earn up to $300 in bonus money. The bonus was incredibly complicated, where users had to play a lot of hands to earn the bonus money. Their previous offer also capped the amount players could earn at various stakes games. Nevertheless, it was nice that it offered players to earn a lot of bonus money without necessarily making a large deposit.

Now, The Gaming Club has simplified their bonus, offering a flat $50 to new players that deposit $50 or more on their first deposit. Players just need to play 350 raked hands at mid-stakes games or higher (fixed limit $.50-$1 through $20-$40 or no-limit with blinds of $.50-$1 through $5-$10). So this bonus is useless for micro-limit players, but it is decent for medium-stakes players.

More information about the bonus can be found in our Gaming Club Bonus Review.

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