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Empire Online to Acquire Noble Poker

, 2005-08-02, by TwoGun

Over the past couple of years, the number of online poker rooms has exploded. Many have speculated that there will be consolidation in the industry, as the larger poker rooms purchase the smaller ones.

It has come to light that Empire Online, a major online gambling marketing firm, is going to purchase Noble Poker. Empire Online is most notable for its ownership of Empire Poker.

In addition to Noble Poker, Empire Online is purchasing the Club Dice casino group, which includes casinos such as Club Dice Casino, Monaco Gold Casino, Carnival Casino, and YouBingo.

It seems likely that Noble Poker and Empire Poker will remain two seperate brands; they will now just be under the same corporate umbrella. Noble Poker uses Playtech software and is on the same network as firms such as CD Poker. Empire Poker uses Iglobalmedia software and is on the same network as Party Poker.

The entire deal is reportedly worth $40 million. More information can be found in this Globes Article.

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