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Celebrity Poker Craze

, 2005-08-10, by TwoGun

Poker has become so popular that many famous poker players, such as Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan, have become celebrities among mainstream society.

Furthermore, many major celebrities are now becoming famous poker players. Actress Jennifer Tilly won a WSOP bracelet in the 2005 WSOP Women's Championship Event. Actor Ben Affleck is also well-known for his victory at a World Poker Tour event last year.

On the Jay Leno show this week, two famous actors interviewed on the show both talked extensively about their poker playing. On Monday, Matt Damon, well-known for his lead role in the movie Rounders, remarked that he plays about half an hour a day online. He said that he used to play more but that he longer has much time to play poker.

The next day actor James Woods discussed his poker life. He went into detail about making a good play at the World Series of Poker. In a daring move, he called all-in pre-flop with AQ because he thought his opponent was making a steal at the blinds. He remarked that while this is a situation he would normally want to avoid, he spotted a tell in the preflop raiser that made him believe the raiser had a weak hand. Woods turned out to be correct and doubled his stack.

Woods also silenced a lot of critics of poker who scoff at the notion that poker is a sport. Apparently, Woods sustained a physical injury from play at the poker table. He had been playing for 46 hours straight and injured his arm by pressing his elbow to deep into the table.

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