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Bonus Reviews Updates

, 2005-08-10, by TwoGun

In order to entice poker players to join their poker rooms, almost all online poker rooms give new players a bonus. Generally, this is a flat amount (such as $35 on any deposit) or a percentage of a player's deposit (such as 100% up to $100).

In addition to listing these bonuses, we also review these offers on our Bonus Codes page.

In each of these reviews, we detail the amount of the bonus, as well as the requirements to complete each bonus. Since most poker rooms have different playthrough requirements, this means that different bonuses are cleared at different rates. For example, it is much easier to receive a bonus if the poker room only makes you play raked hands equal to five times the bonus amount than if they make you play raked hands equal to twenty times the bonus amount.

To give our readers an idea about how quickly they may earn off each bonus, we have estimated the hourly rate of these bonuses for playing at a full ring game (games with 7-10 players) and at a shorthanded game (games with 6 or less people). Since a shorthanded game tends to play significantly faster than a full ring game, users tend to be able to work off signups bonuses much quicker in those games. Previously, our hourly rate estimates were just based on ring games.

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