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Dirty Dozen Promotion

, 2005-08-14, by TwoGun

Noble Poker seems to love sit and go promotions. Their most famous one is their Million Dollar Challenge, where they will award $1 million to anyone who wins seven $10+$2 "Million $ Challenge" sit and go tournaments in a row.

Their newest promotion is their Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit n Go. For this promo they will award $2000 if a player is able to win four consecutive $2+$.35 "Dirty Dozen" 12-player sit and go tournaments.

Like their other sit and go promotions, users must let them know the dates and details of the tournaments, and Noble Poker will check for collusive or fraudelent play before awarding the prize.

These 12-player sit and go tournaments start with two tables with six players each. When six players are eliminated, a final table of six plays. Prizes are awarded to the top four finishers. The winner receives $12, followed by $6 for second, $3.60 for third, and $2.40 for fourth.

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