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World Championship of Online Poker

, 2005-08-17, by TwoGun

One of the larger online poker events each year is the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). This is a series of tournaments held at PokerStars. This is the fourth year that Poker Stars has run this event. The first tournament of this series begins on September 4, and the final Main Event is on September 18.

The WCOOP attempts to be the online equivalent of the WSOP. In addition to the cash prizes, Poker Stars gives the winners of each tournament a gold bracelet, just like the WSOP does. For last year's WCOOP, Poker Stars even rebroadcasted the final table of the event through their poker software. If you weren't able to watch the virtual chips fly live, you could watch it via a tape delay.

Each event of the WCOOP has a guaranteed prize pool. The Main Event of the WCOOP, the $2500 no-limit hold'em event, has a $2.5 million guaranteed prize pool.

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