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WPT Sponsorship Agreement

, 2005-08-23, by TwoGun

Players wearing shirts displaying logos of online poker rooms and other companies is certainly not new. PokerStars gained a lot of fame when Chris Moneymaker sported one of their t-shirts at the final table of the 2003 WSOP.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding logs that player wear at these televized land-based tournament. The World Poker Tour and the Travel Channel have recently worked out a new policy regarding player sponsorships for the popular WPT show.

Players may only wear one logo, which must be on the breast pocket. Sponsors must be pre-approved and no sponsors can be websites that accept wagers or will accept wagers in the future. So expect a lot of instead of logos on players.

The complete rules regarding player sponsorships can be found here.

It seems a bit silly that there is so much controversy surrounding player logos. Provided the players are putting up their own money for the tournament and no money is being added to the tournament by the WPT or Travel Channel, it seems that it would be the player's right to wear or not wear logos. After all, these companies make a lot of money off of displaying the players, but the players make no extra money from being televized.

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