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Million Dollar Freeroll Tomorrow

, 2005-08-26, by Mercy

Paradise Poker's featured promotion, a million dollar freeroll tournament, begins tomorrow. Players at Paradise Poker have had several months to qualify for this event through satellites at this poker room.

The actual prize pool of this event is $1.15 million. First place wins one million, second through ten receive $10k each, and $60k is divided between players in 11-500th position.

Most of this freeroll will occur over the next two days. On Sunday, play will continue until only ten players are left in the tournament. Those final ten players will be flown to Costa Rica in mid September to finish the tournament in a live poker setting. When the live play begins, each player will have the same chip count they left off with at the end of online play.

So far only 3,704 people have qualified for this event. At present, the overlay is about $310 a player. This means the expected value of entering this event is about +$310 for the average player, which is incredible for a promotion. They probably should have made it easier for people to qualify through the heats, so more people could have entered the main event.

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