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Poker Room Sit N Go Promo

, 2005-08-31, by TwoGun

Between September third and fifth, Poker Room is having a single-table tournament promotion. Cash prizes will be awarded to the ten players who earn the most points during this promotion.

For every real-money 10-handed tournament a player wins, he or she will be awarded 30 points. Being a runner up in a real-money 10-handed tournament is worth 10 points, and winning a real-money 5-handed tournament earns a player 15 points.

The amount of points does not depend on the buy-in. A person winning a $5 tournament earns the same amount of points that a person winning a $100 tournament does.

The ten players who earn the most points will be entered into a $20,000 freeroll SNG. Prizes in this SNG will be awarded in the following manner:

1. $5,000
2. $3,000
3. $2,300
4. $1,900
5. $1,700
6. $1,500
7. $1,300
8. $1,200
9. $1,100
10. $1,000

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