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Poker Room Rake Structure

, 2005-09-01, by TwoGun

Almost all poker rooms rake 5% of the pot, up to a $3 maximum. There is a lower max for shorthanded play, as well as at the lower limits. Some of the poker rooms also have a slight variation of this structure for lower limits.

Poker Room recently rolled out a new rake structure that is based on the amount of big blinds in the pot. This structure is much more complicated than the previous 5% structure.

For pot-limit and no-limit games with 5 or more players, the rake structure is .1 BB (or max $.50) for pots of less than 4 big blinds, .4 BB (or max $2) for pots of four or more BB but less than 12, 1 BB for pots of 12-32 bigblinds (or max $3), and 2 BB or (max $3) for pots of 32 big blinds or more.

The average pot in no-limit games is most often between 10 BB and 30 BB. This means the rake is effectively around 3.3% to 8.3% for most pots.

For fixed-limit games of 5 or more players, the rake structure is .1 BB (or max $.50) for less than 4 big blinds, .4BB (or max $2) for 4 or more but less than 12 BB, and 1 BB (or max $3) for 12 or more BB.

The average pot in fixed-limit games is generally between 8-16 BB. This makes the rake structure effectively around 3.5% to 8.3% for most pots.

This rake structure seems to be less favorable to players than the typical 5% structure that most poker rooms use. While the maximum amount of rake is generally the same, the percentage of rake in pots has gone up. Thus, lower and middle stakes players will likely be paying more rake, but higher-stakes players will probably pay around the same amount of rake anyway.

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