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Sportingbet-Empire Online Deal Falls Through

, 2005-09-21, by TwoGun

Sportingbet and Empire Online are both large, publicly traded online gambling firms. Sportingbet is primarily an online sportsbook operator, though it also owns Paradise Poker. Empire Online is an online gambling marketing firm that owns Empire Poker as well as Noble Poker.

Sportingbet was considering buying Empire Online at 270p a share, which would make the deal worth roughly 790 million pounds.

However, it seems that the deal will not go forward. News of this has caused Empire Online's stock to plummet. It fell by over 50p, shedding about 20% of its value.

While they do not pertain to this deal, Sportingbet seems to be having a large amount of legal problems lately. They are being sued by American firm Rotobet over illegally using Rotobet's baseball and football lottery games.

Sportingbet may find itself in trouble with investors by failing to inform them of this lawsuit.

More information about these two stories can be found in this article.

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