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Million Dollar Freeroll Winner

, 2005-09-26, by TwoGun

Paradise Poker's featured promotion this year was a million dollar freeroll. People qualified for this tournament through a variety of satellite heats. Over 3900 players ended up playing in the actual freeroll.

Paradise Poker put up $1.l million for this freeroll. The pay structure was ridiculously top heavy. First place won $1 million, with second and ten receiving $10,000 each. Another $10,000 was divided up among players finishing between 11th and 500th.

While most tournaments award top heavy prizes, there is a sane discrepancy between first and second place. This made the play at the final table that much more dramatic, with the first place finisher receiving 100X as much as the runner-up.

While most of the tournament was held online, the final table was held in Costa Rica. The final ten players were flown to compete in this live in front of television cameras.

In the end, Lee Biddulph, a 28 year-old chef from Blackpool, England won the first prize.

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