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Poker Stars Blogger Freeroll

, 2005-09-30, by TwoGun

It is not unusual for poker rooms to target certain groups of people. Generally, they advertise in certain countries or gear their websites to be attractive to certain types of players.

It appears that PokerStars is now targeting the blogging community. They will be holding a $25,000 freeroll for bloggers. Most of the prize money will go to the winner of the event, who will win a WPT package worth $12k.

The freeroll will take place on October 23rd at 4 pm EST. To be eligible for this event, a person needs to have a blog that has been regularly maintained for at least two months.

The blog does not necessarily need to be about poker. It can be about another hobby, a personal blog, etc.

It's not exactly clear why Poker Stars is choosing to target the blogging community. Most likely, it is because they are hoping news of this freeroll gets circulated among bloggers. People will post about this event on their blog and will tell other bloggers about this promotion as well. The $25,000 Poker Stars is putting up can be seen as $25,000 worth of advertising money on blogs around the world.

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