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$200k Freeroll

, 2005-10-02, by TwoGun

The Caribbean Poker Classic is the flagship land-based tournament for Caribbean Sun Poker. The $6300 buy-in tournament will take place in St. Kitt's in early December.

Caribbean Sun Poker is now hosting a $200k freeroll that will award ten full packages worth $10k each as well as twenty "CPC light" packages worth $5k each.

The full packages include an entry into the tournament, nine nights hotel stay, as well as cash for airfare and other expenses. The "CPC light" packages include nine nights hotel stay, $1400 in up front cash, as well as $1300 worth of tournament vouchers that can be used for tournament entries at the Caribbean Poker Classic.

This freeroll will take place on November 6. To qualify for the freeroll, players need to earn 2500 CPC points. These points are different from the regular points system.

For CPC points, one CPC point is earned for each raked hand of $1 or more and .25 points is earned for each raked hand between $.25 and $.99 (please note for pounds and euros tables, it would still be 1 point per rake of 1 euro/pound or more and .25 points for rake between .25 to .99 pounds/euros).

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