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Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

, 2004-09-17, by TwoGun

Party Poker recently launched their bad beat jackpot and it's popularity has grown quickly. Here are some quick observations about the jackpot:
<br>1. It grows fast. Party takes an extra $.50 rake from each table to feed the jackpot. This is a pretty large drop considering the rake is generally only $2-$3 a table. To qualify for the jackpot,a hand must beat four 8's or better and both hole cards must be used. This is fairly rare event for most people but there are also generally 30 or more tables feeding the bad beat jackpot at once.
<br>2. It seems to hit a couple times a week when the jackpot reaches $70-$150k. It's rare for the jackpot to get higher than $200k but the jackpot is almost always juicy. It's hit fairly often considering how hard it is to qualify for the jackpot. This is because there are simply so many tables feeding the jackpot at once, and Party Poker's games are pretty fast.
<br>3. For the higher stakes games, the tables are often more loose than other games at the same limit. This is particularly true for the $15-$30 game. The bad beat jackpot tends to attract the fish more than the sharks. Many sharks don't want to pay the extra rake, so a higher limit player will sometimes find himself in an unusual aquarium at the $15-$30 jackpot games. This is especially true when the jackpot is low. So in an odd sense, a player's expected value may increase when the jackpot is low because the other players at the table will be so bad! This phenomenon doesn't exist as much as the $2-$4 tables simply because Party has so many $2-$4 tables that you should be able to find a fishy table at the regular games.

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