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Major Changes on Party/Empire Network

, 2005-10-08, by TwoGun

Party Poker and Empire Poker use the same poker software. They used to share the same ring games and single-table tournaments, making these sites nearly identical. However, several changes recently occured that significantly affects these two poker rooms.

First, these two poker rooms no longer share the same ring games and single-table tournaments. Thus, while the software is still similar for both of these sites, they have different actual games. Since Party Poker is bigger than Empire Poker, this means there will be more players playing at Party than Empire. Of course, both of these poker rooms are so huge that Empire still has more games going than most poker rooms.

Second, the ease of games may be different at these sites now. We will monitor the quality of play at these two sites now that they have seperate tables. One site may have softer games than the other.

Third, Party Poker added a lot of other extras to their poker room as well. They added a blackjack program, the ability to make deals in tournaments, shootout tournaments, and some other extras.

We will be monitoring these developments and updating the site reviews as more information becomes available.

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