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Party/Empire Updates

, 2005-10-10, by TwoGun

As detailed in this news article, Party Poker and Empire Poker are no longer on the same poker network. While they both use the same software and payment processor, they no longer share the same ring games and single-table tournaments.

News of this breakup did not bode well with investors. Party Poker's parent company, Party Gaming, saw its shares fall by just over 11%. Empire Online, the company that owns Empire Poker, fell by over 33%.

As it currently stands, Party Poker is much larger than Empire Poker. During peak time in europe, Party Poker seems to have about five to six times as many players as Empire Poker. During peak time in North America, Party has as much as eleven times more active players than Empire Poker.

This does not mean that Empire Poker is now a small poker room. Empire is almost certainly among the top five largest online poker rooms, perhaps even among the top three. However, Party Poker is far and away the largest online poker room.

While Party has made several controversial changes to its software, only minor additions have been made to the Empire's software. Empire Poker now has limits up to $100-$200 and beginner's tables. In contrast, Party Poker now features blackjack and side bets for its players. Many are unhappy with this change because these types of bets have house edges. They are not like poker, where it is possible for a person to win in the long run.

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