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PokerStars Adds Deep Stack Tournaments

, 2005-10-25, by TwoGun

In the past few weeks, PokerStars has made several changes to their tournaments. The newest change is the permanent addition of daily "Deep Stack" tournaments. In comparison to their regular tournaments, these new "Deep Stack" tournaments feature changes to the starting chips as well as the blind intervals.

A regular tournament on PokerStars gives players $1,500 starting chips with 15 minute blind intervals. The Deep Stack tournaments issue $5,000 starting chips and increase the blinds every 30 minutes. Needless to say, this structure allows tons of big-stack poker and has proven to be quite popular so far.

On Monday, 1033 players entered the $30+$3 Deep Stack tournament. The first trial run of a Deep Stack tournament took over 12 hours to complete.

Needless to say, these tournaments are not for the impatient. While reading that a tournament takes twelve hours may not strike you as a huge deal, it means you may end up spending your whole day playing poker because you are stuck in a tournament. For many people, spending nine hours playing poker only to find themselves suddenly busting out on a coin flip and taking home about 3-5X the buy-in isn't exactly their idea of fun.

There are eight Deep Stack tournaments spread by PokerStars throughout the week. Saturday features two tournaments, $11 and a $109 no-limit hold'em. During the week, players can try their deep stack skills at Omaha hi-lo, limit hold'em, and pot limit hold'em.

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