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WSOP 2006 Schedule

, 2005-10-27, by TwoGun

Next year's World Series of Poker will start later in the year. Instead of an early June start, the first event will take place on June 25, with the Main Event beginning on July 28. The 2006 Main Event is scheduled to take place over a two week span

Due to the large amount of Main Event entries, the 2005 Main Event featured three "first days." The field was initially split into three sections, with each having its own first day. Those remaining from each section were pooled together for the second day of the event and onwards.

Next year, there will be four "first days." Additionally, there will be two "second days". Groups A and B will form one second day, with groups C and D forming the other. Thus, all of the sections will not be combined until the third day of the event.

There will be forty-four WSOP events in all. Unlike past WSOPs, the events are almost solely hold'em. This has provoked controversy among the poker community. The hold'em events are by far the most popular and are therefore the most profitable for the house. However, many complain that by focusing almost exclusively on hold'em, the WSOP loses a lot of its integrity because it does not focus on all forms of poker.

Like the 2005 WSOP, the 2006 WSOP will take place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

A complete schedule of the 2006 WSOP can be found in this press release.

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