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Three Billionth Hand Promotion

, 2005-11-01, by TwoGun

One amazing thing about online poker rooms is they have a log for every hand that has ever been dealt in their respective poker rooms. They know the exact number of hands that have been played, as well as who has won them.

Party Poker is currently running a promotion in honor of the three billionth hand that is about to be played in its poker room. A jackpot will be awarded for the following magic hands:

1. 2,955,000,000
2. 2,960,000,000
3. 2,965,000,000
4. 2,970,000,000
5. 2,975,000,000
6. 2,980,000,000
7. 2,985,000,000
8. 2,990,000,000
9. 2,995,000,000
10. 3,000,000,000

For each magic hand, 50% of the jackpot will go to the winner of the hand, and 50% of the jackpot will go to the rest of the table. The amount of the jackpot depends on the hand number and the stakes played.

The largest jackpot will be awarded for the three billionth hand. If this hand is played on $3/$6 limit or $100 NL/PL or higher table, the jackpot will be $200k. If it is played on a smaller stakes table, the jackpot will be $120k. For a freeroll table, the jackpot will only be $10k.

If someone wins any of the ten magic hands with a royal flush, that player will win $1 million.

As of the posting of this article, Party Poker has dealt about 2.963 billion hands. This means there are still a fair amount of magic hands to go.

More information about Party Poker can be found in our Party Poker Review and Bonus Code page.

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