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PokerStars TLB Freeroll

, 2005-11-01, by TwoGun

PokerStars will give away four seats in a freeroll to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament, a World Poker Tour (WPT) event. The freeroll tournament is limited to the 100 players who accumulate the most tournament leaderboard (TLB) points in November.

Each WPT prize package is valued at $11,000. Four packages will be fought for between 100 players, which means the expected value gained by qualifying for the tournament leaderboard freeroll is $440 per player.

Only scheduled multi-table tournaments count for TLB points. PokerStars tends to run about 50 tournaments per day that award TLB points. Any player serious about finishing in the top 100 for the month may need to be playing an average of at least 5 tournaments per day.

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