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A-Rod Warned About Card Clubs

, 2005-11-02, by TwoGun

Due to poker's popularity, card roooms frequently pop up where it is illegal to operate a poker room. This has been the case in New York City, where several illegal card rooms have been raided.

While it is illegal to operate one of these poker rooms, it is apparently not illegal to play in them. Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and card shark Phil Hellmuth have been known to play in these card rooms.

Major League Baseball is not exactly thrilled with Alex Rodriguez's fascination with poker. They worry that it will tarnish his image by somehow giving off a pro-gambling impression to minors.

Gambling tends to be taboo with Major League Baseball ever since the infamous Black Sox scandal in 1919, when a baseball team threw the World Series because gamblers paid them to do so.

More information can be found in this MSNBC article.

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