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Canadian Poker Championships

, 2005-11-02, by TwoGun

For whatever reason, the Canadian Poker Championships will take place in the Bahamas this year. From January 29 through February 4, players will compete in a $5,000 buy-in televized event.

The satellite packages that can be won through Party Poker are worth $8,000 a piece. In addition to the buy-in for the event, the packages include six nights hotel stay, as well as $1,100 in spending money.

Party Poker has several satellites running for this event. They have a $200+$15 satellite that awards one package per forty entrants on Wednesday at 10 PM EST. They also have a $800+$50 satellite that awards one package for every ten entrants on Saturday at 2 PM EST.

It is possible to win an entry into one of these high buy-in satellite events through smaller sub satellites.

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