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Pacific Poker Rake Increase

, 2005-11-03, by TwoGun

Most poker rooms charge players a 5% rake, up to a maximum of $3. Pacific Poker now feels entitled to charge players a 5% rake up to $4 or even $5.

The higher maximum rake will especially affect players who play in games of $5-$10 limit or higher. Many can expect their hourly rate to be decreased by $5 or more per hour.

For no-limit and pot-limit games, the rake is a standard 5% up to $4. So people playing in $1-$2 no-limit or higher will feel the effects of this rake increase.

They also increased the rake charged in heads-up games. Most sites limit the rake to $1 for heads-up or three-handed games. Pacific now charges up to $1.50. The rake can really eat away at the profits in heads-up games since players are involved in so many pots.

For low-stakes players, Pacific hit them by raking hands as low as $3. The rake for this sized pot is 10% ($.30 for a $3 pot). Previously, the rake kicked in at $5 pots. This is important because a lot of low stakes pots do not reach $5, but almost all reach $3.

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