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Overlays at Empire Poker

, 2005-11-03, by TwoGun

When a poker room gaurantees a prize pool, it means they will add money to the prize pool if not enough players enter the tournament. For example, if a $10+$1 tournament has a $2000 gauranteed prize pool, then the poker room will have to add money to the prize pool if less than 200 people sign up for the tournament. If only 150 players sign up, then the poker room will have to add $500 to the prize pool, essentially making all payouts 33% higher than they normally would have been without the guarantee.

Most of the time, enough players enter the guaranteed tournaments so that the poker room does not have to add money to the prize pool. Those tournaments are essentially the same as any other tournament.

Recently, Empire Poker has had a lot of guaranteed prize pool tournaments where they have had to add money to the prize pool. Last night, their $100+$1 happy hour special had a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000. Only 80 players entered the event, so Empire Poker ended up adding $2000 to the prize pool. So in addition to the low entry fee, the prize pool was 25% thicker than it normally would have been.

Empire Poker has been adding a lot of money to the prize pools of guaranteed tournaments lately. They hold a lot of guaranteed tournaments each day, and many of them do not attract that many entrants.

More information about Empire Poker can be found in our Empire Poker Review.

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