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Poker Share Closure

, 2005-11-13, by TwoGun

Poker Share was a new poker room on the same network as Ultimate Bet. Recently, Poker Share closed the accounts of its North American customers. Now it appears Poker Share will stop operating on the Ultimate Bet network altogether.

The details are not certain, but it appears there was a conflict between Poker Share and Ultimate Bet. Both of these poker rooms use Excapsa software.

The most circulated rumor is that Ultimate Bet pressured for Poker Share's closure. For a long time, Ultimate Bet was Excapsa's only notable poker licensee. Ultimate Bet built the poker room through its advertising and endorsements by famous poker players like Phil Hellmuth and Jennifer Harman. Recently, Poker Share seemed to be attracting a lot of new players and may have attracted many Ultimate Bet players to switch to Poker Share. Because of this, Ultimate Bet may have viewed Poker Share as a threat and wanted it to be removed as a skin from the network.

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