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PokerStars $500k Guaranteed Sunday Tournament

, 2005-11-14, by TwoGun

Submitted by: Ozone

More than 3,300 players coughed up $215 for the biggest weekly online tournament, PokerStars's Sunday 500k Guaranteed. The final table of the event was quite interesting as it featured seven European players. Perhaps even more interesting than the rare European-heavy final table was the story of 'Joseba' and his deal-gone-bad.

With four players left, the game was paused and the players agreed to split the prize pool. PokerStars mandates that $10,000 is left in the pot for the winner. After splitting the money, Joseba turned his shortstack into a pile of chips and went on to win the outstanding $10,000.

Unfortunately for Joseba, he was unable to foresee his comeback before agreeing to a deal that left him with just $56,000 in winnings. After winning the tournament, Joseba had $66,000 to show for his day's work, which was about half of the $133,000 posted first place prize he would have received if no deal was made. Second and third place finishers Foxman and NoxirE walked away with $105,000 and $78,000 respectively. If there was ever such thing as a frustrating $66,000, Joseba was the recipient of that yesterday.

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