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PokerRoom Team Tournaments

, 2005-11-24, by TwoGun

Poker Room has a brand-new tournament concept. Their Team Tournaments allow poker players to form teams. Each team has a communal wallet, where each member shares the wins and losses of the team. The size of a person's share depends on how much money a player has deposited to the team's communal wallet.

There are special Team Tournaments for these teams. For each of these team tournaments, a certain amount of players per team are assigned to the tournament. Currently, Poker Room has tournaments where more than one member per team can be assigned to play in the tournament. This will obviously alarm some people as to the possibility for increased collusion, and it may send the wrong signal to people that collusion may be allowed in these special Team Tournaments.

Only time will tell if these Team Tournaments will be successful. I have always had my doubts that poker can be transformed into a team sport without there being cheating involved. It appears that Poker Room will be making the first serious attempt by any online poker room.

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