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Party Poker High Flier Promo

, 2005-11-27, by TwoGun

Party Poker will have an interesting $250+$20 tournament with a $600,000 guaranteed prize pool. Instead of just awarding cash to the winners, the main prizes will be expensive prizes. First place wins 25 hours of airtime in a luxury private jet. The winner can take up to six of his or her friends anywhere in the world. The value of this prize is $125,000.

Second through fifth place win luxury cars. The advertised value of these cars ranges from $50,000 up to $105,000. Sixth place through 220th place win cash.

It will be interesting to see how popular this tournament is. Most people would probably rather just have the $125k in cash instead of splurging on 25 hours of luxury private jet travel. According to Party's terms and conditions, a player can opt to receive the cash equivalent instead of the prizes. The cash equivalent is slightly lower than the advertised prize (this may be due to taxes or other extras that Party gives the winners). For example, the cash equivalent for first place is $90k.

This tournament may actually be a good value for players. Most people probably will not realize that they can opt for the cash equivalent and may therefore choose to not play in this tournament. This could potentially result in an overlay. Furthermore, generally fishier places are attracted to these types of gimmicky tournaments. This may mean the competition at this individual tournament might be softer than usual.

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