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Potential Overlay At Empire Poker

, 2005-11-27, by TwoGun

Empire Poker will be hosting a $200,000 guaranteed tournament with a buy-in of $250+$20. Re-buys and add-ons are allowed in this tournament.. The tournament is scheduled to start in just over 2 hours (9 pm EST) and there are currently only 100 players registered for the tournament.

If the tournament began right now, the overlay would technically be $175k before re-buys and add-ons, meaning prizes would be 7 times larger than they normally would be. Of course, a lot of people will enter this tournament within the next couple of hours, so there is no way Empire will be adding 150k+ to the prize pool.

Nevertheless, it seems likely that there will be a large overlay at this tournament. The fact that the tournament allows for unlimited re-buys as well as one add-on means that the overlay will be far lower than had this been a freeze-out tournament.

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