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Party Poker Semifinals

, 2004-10-21, by TwoGun

Party Poker is famous for its Party Poker Million tournament. There has been three Party Poker Millions so far, and the touranment has gotten more popular with every coming year. This year, the prize pool of Party Poker Million IV is estimated to be more than $6 million. In order to fatten the prize pool and increase the number of entrants, Party Poker hosts large satellites for its players that allow them to win seats in the Party Poker Million. These large satellites are known as Party Poker Million Semi-Finals, and they occur six times a year. For each of these semi-finals, there are three satellite touranments that award seats into the Party Poker Million. When you include airfare, cruise accomodations, and the buyin, each of these seats are worth $12,600.The next semi-final will be held fairly soon, between November 4 and November 7.

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