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Empire Happy Hour

, 2005-11-30, by TwoGun

Most tournaments with a $100 buy-in charge a $9 entry fee. Additionally, most do not have a guaranteed prize pool, or if they do, the guarantee does not matter because enough players enter the tournament so that the poker room does not have to add money to the prize pool to match the guarantee.

Empire Poker has a daily $100+$1 tournament at 10 PM EST with a $10k guaranteed prize pool that seems to almost always have an overlay. So not only do players save $8 in entry fees because of the reduced rake, the prizes are larger than they normally would be because Empire Poker generally has to add money to the prize pool.

Most often, this tournament seems to be attracting between 80-95 players, so the overlay is generally between $500 to $2000. Assuming a $1000 overlay (90 players), each player on average receives an extra $11.11 from the prize pool. Last night, with only 80 entering, the overlay was $2000. This means the average player ended up receiving an extra $25 from the tournament. Thus, between the overlay and the reduced rake, entering this tournament was like receiving an extra $33 bonus.

Of course, the level of competition in this tournament may be tougher than most tournaments. Sharks more so than fish appreciate the effects of overlays and reduced entry fees and would tend to be more interested in this type of tournament.

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