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The 40 Million Dollar Challenge

, 2004-10-22, by TwoGun

Andy Beal, a very wealth Texas financier, is famous for playing in high-stakes games at the Bellagio. Between May 12-13, he played 100-200k limit hold'em, the highest game ever played, and won $10 million. Due to his success at this game and his belief that he has been unfairly portrayed as a poor poker player, he recently challenged many of the high-profile professional poker players to game of $100-$200k heads-up limit hold'em. The buyin would be $40 million and it would be played a freezout or until someone "cries uncle."

Beal wrote that he believed the professionals would turn down the challenge. In response, Doyle Brunson fired off a response saying that they would raise the $40 million and choose amongst themselves who plays against him. The stakes would be $30-60k instead of $100-$200k but he left open the option that the stakes could be raised to $50-$100k if one player had lost half or more of his original buyin. Hopefully, we'll soon see if this high-stakes matchup commmences.

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