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Party Poker December Promotions

, 2005-12-10, by TwoGun

Party Poker has launched several new promotions recently.

First, they are having a deposit bonus for players. It is not clear if all players are eligible for this deposit bonus or not. Check your email to see if Party Poker sent you a deposit code or not. One bonus code going around is 25TO100MORE, which is 25% up to $100 bonus. This bonus requires playing 10 raked hands for every bonus dollar within seven days of clearing the bonus.

Another promotion is their Santa's Party Pack. This promotion began Dec 1 and runs for the month of December. If players earn 100 points or more on individual days of the month, they earn a cash prize at the end of the month. Here are the payouts that players earn if they earn 100 points or more on the following amount of days or more:

10 days: $30
20 days: $75
25 days: $150
31 days: $300

Another promotion is their Touchdown promotion, which began Dec 6. For each promotion day (Tuesday-Saturdays) that players earn 30 points or more, they will be asked a question about next week's NFL Football games. Players that answer 4 of 5 questions right (meaning they need to earn 30 points or more at least 4 days that week and answer the question right all times) earn a $50 bonus. Players who answer all 5 questions right earn a bonus of $100.

Each player that answer every question right during this promotion period wins a share of a million dollars. So if 1000 players answer all the questions right, each player receives $1000.

To answer the question, players need to log in to the My Account section of the Party Poker website. According to the Party Poker terms and conditions, players will receive their cash prizes on Thursday, February 9, 2006.

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