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PokerStars Weekly $500k Guaranteed: $215 NL Hold'em

, 2005-12-13, by TwoGun

Submitted by: Ozone

PokerStars hosts the most popular weekly tournament on the internet every Sunday afternoon with its $215 NL Hold'em tournament that carries a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. This tournament rarely fails to draw less than 3,000 entrants.

This past Sunday, 3,423 players participated in the tournament. After 7 hours of play, a young professional poker player who goes by the online moniker "ZeeJustin" won more money than most adults make in a year, $137,000. ZeeJustin (whose real name is Justin Bonomo) came to the final table with an overwhelming chip lead, and never seemed close to giving it up.

Final table deals that involve splitting the remaining prize money are very common for this tournament. In this case, ZeeJustin confidently turned down a deal when play reached 3-handed. The other two participants seemed very willing to split the remaining prize money. Justin said he would need a $12,000 premium sent his way before making a deal. One opponent refused this request, so play resumed. In quick fashion, Justin finished off the competition. The pay gap between first and second was over $50,000.

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