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PokerRoom Grand V

, 2005-12-13, by TwoGun

Poker Room will host its Grand V tournament this weekend, which is a $1,000+$0 buy-in NL Hold'em online poker tournament. This is the fifth such tournament that PokerRoom has hosted. Many players are attracted to these tournaments due to the fact that PokerRoom does not charge an entry fee for direct buy-ins.

The "Grand" tournaments are unique in that they are scheduled as two day tournaments. Play begins on Saturday the 17th. At the end of the day, play is frozen. The remaining players are able to enjoy a night of rest before continuing the battle for the big prize pool on Sunday the 18th. Historically, the "Grand" tournaments have drawn in the neighborhood of 500 entrants.

Satellites are running all this week and start as low as $5.50. The first place prize in the Grand IV tournament was $134,000.

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