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Christmas Day Tournaments

, 2005-12-19, by TwoGun

Submitted by: Ozone

The two biggest online poker sites are hosting lucrative multi-table tournaments on Christmas Day.

Party Poker is hosting a $350+$28 buy-in tournament this Sunday. They guarantee the prize pool will be at least $750,000. This means 2,143 players will have to enter the tournament for Party Poker to avoid having to add money to the prize pool in order to meet the guarantee.

Typically, Party Poker's weekly $215 tournament attracts around 2,600 players. With this pricier $378 tournament being held Christmas afternoon, it is possible that the number of participants will drop from the norm, which may result in an attractive overlay.

There are several various satellites running for this tournament all week, some of which cost as little as $6. Party Poker guarantees that the Top 400 finishers will be "in the money", regardless of the number of entries.

PokerStars is holding a big Christmas Day tournament as well. Theirs is a little pricier, a $500+$30 buy-in tournament, but they are adding $100,000 to the prize pool as a "holiday gift" from PokerStars. For this tournament, PokerStars guarantees that 405 players will be "in the money" for this event. Satellites for this special event start at $5.

Both tournaments begin at 4:30 EST on Christmas Day.

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