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Party Poker Plans

, 2005-12-21, by TwoGun

Since Party Poker is now a publicly traded company, it frequently issues press releases and makes announcements about its future plans. Party seems to have several major projects in place for 2006.

First, in the first half of 2006, it plans on integrating its casino with its poker products. They are already doing this with their sidebets and blackjack games. However, they plan on bundling an online casino with their online poker software. So if you play at Party Poker, going on tilt may prove to be particularly disasterous in 2006 if you get emotionally unstable and turn to the roulette table.

It is not clear how this online casino will affect the ease of games at Party Poker. A recent Weekly Shuffle analyzed the potential effects of these online casino games on the competition at Party.

Party Poker also plans on becoming more multi-lingual in the second half of 2006. Their software will be translated into multiple languages, and they will offer games in up to six currencies. There is also talk of offering online poker on mobile phones as well as through interactive television.

More information about Party Poker can be found in our Party Poker Site Review and Bonus Code page.

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