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All news from the Law category

Bill to Legalize Poker in US Introduced
Federal bill will only legalize online poker, not other casino games.
TwoGun 2013-07-12

Pennsylvania Introduces Bill to Legalize Online Gambling
Becomes the latest state to potentially have legalized online poker.
TwoGun 2013-04-23

U.S. Federal Judge Rules Poker Isn't Gambling
Federal judge rules poker isn't gambling, dismisses case.
Ozone 2012-08-21

US DOJ Says Wire Act Applies Only to Sports-Betting
Justice department memo hailed as a victory for online poker.
Ozone 2011-12-26

DOJ Allegedly Planning Action Against Merge Network
Subject: Poker reporting that US-facing Merge Network could come under DOJ fire.
Ozone 2011-09-08

Phil Ivey Files Complaint Against Tiltware
Ivey skipping 2011 WSOP, suing Full Tilt for $150 million.
Ozone 2011-06-01

Two More Companies Indicted as Payment Processor Pleads Guilty and indicted as payment processor Bradley Franzen pleads guilty.
Ozone 2011-05-23

PokerStars, AP/UB Customer Service Offices Raided in Costa Rica
OIJ, the Costa Rican equivalent of the FBI, raids offices possibly as a result of UB layoffs.
Ozone 2011-05-06

DOJ Enters Domain Name Agreement with PokerStars, Full Tilt
Agreement will allow U.S. players to access funds in their accounts.
Ozone 2011-04-20

U.S. Department of Justice Indicts Online Poker Room Operators
Operators of PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker are being charged on counts of bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling offenses.
Ozone 2011-04-15

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