Noble Poker + Poker Tips = Free $25

Free $25 Terms & Conditions are as follows:

1. The $25 free bonus or any winnings, can only be withdrawn after the player has generated 1000 crowns.

2. Casino side games are excluded from this bonus.

3. Poker reserve the right to not grant the free $25 for any reason.

4. While will do its best to keep all data confidential, you take part of this promotion solely at your own risk. will not be liable for any loss or injury related to this promotion, including anything related to any personal data transferred to or Noble Poker.

General Terms & Conditions apply to both of the Free $25 and the 100% up to $500 Bonus

1. Noble Poker points are awarded in ring games to players for every raked hand they participate in, no matter whether the player contributed to the pot by placing a blind or a bet, or if the player folds. In addition, points are awarded to players based on fees paid by the player when buying-in to a tournament.

2. The following table shows how Noble Points are awarded in relation to varying table rakes:

Rake Taken Per Hand

Points Awarded

$0.04 - $0.09


$0.10 - $0.24


$0.25 - $0.50


$0.51 - $0.75


$0.76 - $1.00


$1.01 - $1.25


$1.26- $1.50


$1.51 - $1.75


$1.76 - $2.00


$2.01 - $2.25


$2.26 - $2.50


$2.51 - $2.75


$2.76 - $3.00


$3.01 - $5.00


Note that “rake taken” means a rake generated at a table in a ring game by all players during that hand, collectively, and not by any individual player.

3. In tournaments, 20 points are awarded for every $1 in fees paid by the player. So, for example, in a tournament listed as $10+$1, $1 is the amount considered as fee and the player receives 20 points.

4. Please note that you cannot earn points in Play Money (or practice) games.

5. Players are entitled to bonuses according to the number of points they have earned, for instance: For each 1000 Points you earn as a player at Noble Poker, you will receive a $10 bonus. A player who has earned 980 Points will need to earn another 20 Points to receive a bonus payout.

6. Any player making a deposit in Euro or GBP will receive their bonuses according to the highest USD total, converted automatically to his or her own currency.

7. Bonus cash will be released into a player's account automatically as they earn Noble Points. A player may check the "My Account" page of the Noble Poker lobby to see their pending bonus balance and their Noble Poker point balance.

8. As a player continues to play, so will their points total continue to accumulate, and further bonuses will be released into his or her account automatically.

9. Players qualifying for the first deposit welcome bonus have three months to accumulate the required amount of points entitling them to their welcome bonus.

10. Noble Poker reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.