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24 Hour Poker Review

Updated November 15, 2004

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Click here to visit 24h Poker

24h Poker is part of the B2b Poker Network. It is famous for the high stakes Pot-Limit Omaha games that are played here (they have a €15-€25 blind Pot-Limit Omaha game on Mondays and Thursdays). Mainly europeans play on this site, and 24h Poker's games are all played in euros.

Ease of Competition
Their lower limit games are similar to other sites. Their big Omaha games attract a lot of sharks, and I sometimes worry about collusion in those games (I cannot prove this, I just worry about it since there is so much money involved and the people there seem to know each other). Overall, the competition on this site is tougher than most sites.

I have mixed views about their cashout policy. One time, I played the high stakes Pot-Limit game and won a large amount and cashed out a lot. I received the money the next day. However, they do charge you €10 for cashouts unless you've played enough raked hands in which case the fee is waved. They seem to change their cashout policy from time to time and I hardly ever play there anymore, so please check their policies yourself before you play there. One noticeable difference from this site and other sites is they do all of their transactions in Euros, instead of dollars. This is because their clientele is predominantly European, and they want to give the site a more European feel.

Customer Service
I needed it once and they solved my problem fairly quickly, but customer service is only done over email.

The software is very smooth and easy on the eyes, probably one of the nicest features of this site.

Ring Games offered
Texas Holdem, Omaha high, Omaha hi-lo, Soko (a 5-Stud Variation), 5 card draw

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limits: €.25-€.50 up to €50-€100
Pot-Limit Blinds: €.25-€.50 to €5-€10 for 5 card draw, hold'em, and Omaha games. PL blinds of €10-€25 for Omaha high on Mondays, and €10-€20 blinds for 5 card draw.
No-Limit Blinds: €.50-€1 and €5-€10.

Tournaments offered
Single-table and multi-table. Tournaments are available for all games they offer.

Tournaments buy-ins
From €2 to €200.

Click here to visit 24h Poker

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