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Golden Palace Poker Review

Updated March 6, 2004

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Ease of Competition
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Click here to visit Golden Palace Poker

First I would like to note that this site is the same as many other sites, including Grand Online poker, Flamingo Club poker, Gold Nugget Poker, Victor Chandler poker. These sites are all skins of the same software. However, all are owned by the same parent company, except Victor Chandler. Simply put, I do not like this site. I had a bad experience with Grand Online casino (it took forever to get a cashout). There are not that many games, and the games themselves are not that good.

Ease of Competition
I have not played much here, but the competition seems to be slightly tougher than other sites.

They will promptly cash you out up to the amount you deposited. However, there seems to be a delay afterwards. I did not win at this site when I played, so I cannot verify this for sure. However, from people I know who won there, they will make you fax documents (drivers license and utility bill generally). When I played at the Grand Online casino and won, they made me fax documents three times, and it took a month to receive my winnings (a $700 cashout, which should be dealt with within 3-5 business days max in my opinion). After this experience, I do not trust the Golden Palace group.

I think Victor Chandler is better about cashouts than the Golden Palace group, though I have not used them nor know anyone well that has.

They generally have a deposit bonus of 25% (up to $100). However, the bonus is not as great as it sounds. You have to earn "Action Points" to redeem your bonus dollars, and it seems like you have to play a lot more hands to earn this bonus than you do at other sites.

The software looks very unprofessional and is quite distracting. It seems more like a video game aimed at 10-year-olds, not real poker players.

Ring Games offered
Texas Hold'em, Omaha high, Omaha hi-lo

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limits: From $.05-$.10 up to $10-$20
NL/PL Blinds: From $.05-$.10 up to $2-$4

Tournaments offered
Single-table and multi-table. Single-table Texas Hold'em only (Omaha hi-lo coming soon). Multi-table Texas Hold'em only.

Tournaments buy-ins
Single-Table: From $.10 up to $100
Multi-Table: From $1 up to $225

Click here to visit Golden Palace Poker

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