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Planet Poker Review

Updated January 29, 2004

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Ease of Competition
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This is one of the few sites that I have actually not played extensively at (I've played around 3-4 hours here). The only reason I mention this place is that I noticed they have many lower limit games. They are also one of the only sites that offer games like 5 card draw. Overall though, the site has been on the decline for awhile, and most of its customers are going elsewhere.

The graphics are very similar to party poker's graphics. Players are displayed as characters.

Their cashouts are fairly quick. They do not have much in the way of interesting promotions.

Few sharks hang out here because the site is declining, not too many fish to feed from. The main reason to play at this site is for it's micro limits, where I'm sure the competition cannot be steep.

Customer Service
Never used it, so I wouldn't know.

Ring Games offered
Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, 7-stud, 7-stud hi-lo, Razz, 5-draw, Lowball, 5-stud (though only Holdem is popular)

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limit: Fixed $.02-.04, $.05-.10, $.25-.50, $.50-1, $1-2, $2-4, $3-6, $5-10, $8-16, $10-20, $15-30, and $20-40 (though only $3-6 and below are popular)
Pot Limit/No Limit: $.02-.04 , $.25-.50 , $.50-.1 ,$1-2

Tournaments offered
Single- and multi-table tournaments of all games listed (though Holdem games are more popular)

Click here to visit Planet Poker

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