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Poker Share Review

Updated October 6, 2005

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Ease of Competition
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Customer Service
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Note: Poker Share does not accept players from North America.

Poker Share is a poker room with generous bonuses and promotions, pretty software, but tougher competition. What separates this site from the competition is that their "share points" feature. Each quarter, they give back 40% of the profits to the players, based on how much they play. So not only are players able to earn deposit bonuses, they also get an added cash bonus at the end of each quarter based on how much they play. This site is also very nice for micro-limit players because they have plenty of games as low as $.01-$.02. However, higher stakes players should be ready for some pretty stiff competition at this site.

Poker Share has a generous 100% bonus up to $250 bonus. For more information about this bonus, check out our Poker Share Bonus Review.

Poker Share's chief promotoin is their "share points" feature. Poker Share will distribute 40% of its profits each quarter back to its players. The amount of money each player receives is based on how many share points that player has earned compared to the amount of share points all players have earned in total. Each player earns share points by playing real-money games at the website.

For example, suppose a person earns 1000 share points in a quarter. There are a total of 1 million share points earned by all players that quarter. Thus, that player will receive .1% of the players' share of how much the poker room made. Since the players receive 40% of the total profits, that individual player would receive .04% of Poker Share's profits for the quarter. Basically, this share points program is a fancy way of awarding a cash bonus to their players based on how much they have played at the end of each quarter.

Since Poker Share is on the Ultimate Bet network, people earn UB points as well, which can be redeemed for t-shirts, books, and other things.

This place is great about cashouts. I almost always get mine into Neteller the next business day.

Game Information
This site lists the average pot and the average flop percentage which is nice.

The competition is pretty tough, especially at the higher limits. Generally, this is the site where my hourly rate is by far the worst. Some of their really low stakes no-limit games are okay. They also have a lot of micro-stakes games. Obviously the competition is not too difficult in those games.

Customer Service
Customer service is mainly done through email and can be slow sometimes.

Ring Games offered
Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha 8/b, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud 8/b, Crazy Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple 8/b, Triple Draw

Ring Games stakes
Fixed Limit: $.01-.$02, $.10-.25, $.25-$.50, $.50-1, $1-2, $2-4, $3-6, $4-8, $5-10, $8-$16, $10-20, $15-30, $30-60, $80-160, $100-$200, $150-$300, $200-$400, $300-$600,
Pot Limit/No Limit: $.01-.$02, $.10-.25, $.25-$.50 $.50-1, $1-2, $2-4, $5-10, $10-25, $25-50, $50-$100

Minimum Deposit

Click here to visit Poker Share

Free Money Offers
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