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Betting Rules FAQ

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What happens if someone bets more than I have at the table?

You can either fold or go all-in. If you go all-in, you only call as much as you have in front of you at the table.

For example, suppose the pot is $10. You have $2 in front of you. Tom has $6 in front of him, and Jerry also has $6 in front of him.

Suppose Tom bets $6. Since you can not call $6, you can either fold or go all-in. If you go all-in, you would only call $2. Thus, you would only be eligible to win the $10 that is already in the pot and $2 in bets from people in that round.

In this example, suppose Jerry calls Tom's bet and you go all-in. In this case, there would be a main pot and a side pot. There would be $16 in the main pot ($10 from the original pot plus $2 from you, Tom, and Jerry). In the side pot, there would be $8 ($4 from both Tom and Jerry). Whoever has the best hand among the three of you will win the main pot. However, only Tom and Jerry are eligible to win the side pot.

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Can I buy more chips during a hand instead of going all-in?

No, you have to wait until the hand is finished to get more chips.

What happens if I want to join a poker game, but I am not in the big blind position?

When you join a poker game, you can either post the big blind in whatever position you are seated, or you can wait for the big blind to come around to you.

What is the maximum number of bets/raises in a fixed-limit game?

This depends on the house rules. Generally, poker rooms allow for one bet and up to three raises per betting round. Some places allow for up to four raises. If the game is heads-up, poker rooms will sometimes allow for an unlimited number of bets/raises.

How is the pot calculated in a pot-limit game?

In a pot-limit game, a person may bet or raise up to the amount in the pot. During a normal betting round, the pot amount is simply the amount of money currently in the pot.

However, when someone has made a bet in a round, the maximum amount you can raise is equal to: the amount in the pot + the amount bet in the round + the amount you have to call. For example, let's say the pot is $10 and someone bets $5. You want to raise the maximum amount possible. In this case, you can raise up to $20 ($10 + $5 +$5), making your total bet $25.

What is the difference between a regular tournament and a rebuy tournament?

If a player busts out or his chip count gets low in a rebuy tournament, that player has the option to buy back into the tournament for a set price. Generally, rebuys are allowed for a certain period of time. After this period ends, people can no longer purchase their way back into the tournament if they bust out. The exact rules governing rebuys differ from tournament to tournament.

Regular tournaments (also known as freezeout tournaments) do not allow players to rebuy.  

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