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The Blacklist (Poker Sites to Avoid)

About the Blacklist

The blacklist is a list of poker sites that, in our opinion, you should avoid. Our theory is "Better safe than sorry." There are plenty of poker rooms with an excellent reputation, so why play at sites that are rumored to be less than perfect? In some cases, these rumors will turn out to be untrue. However, if you choose one of these sites, do so at your own risk. Also, read our Disclaimer.

The Blacklist

Choice Poker

Blacklisted site: ProPoker

Note: It appears ProPoker has shut down for good.

I recommend that you do not sign up or deposit any money at ProPoker. This site has a very bad reputation and I know of no online 'pros' that play there. I have never deposited any money nor signed up there, so I cannot confirm any of the rumors about the place.

In short, the rumors surrounding the site are that it is not very legitimate. Some people claim that the management there plays against the players, and has an advantage because they know what cards the player has. They cite as evidence that almost all of their bluffs are picked up and seldom are they called when they hold a strong hand.

Furthermore, there are rumors that the site is not financially stable, so your money is not safe. This site offers the nicest bonuses of all poker rooms, which makes me even more suspicious because their bonuses are more akin to casino bonuses than poker bonuses (it is almost unheard of an online poker room to offer a better than 25% bonus up to $100 free).

Again, I have never played there so I have no evidence to back up these rumors. They are only rumors. However, in the land of internet poker, you seldom have anyone to turn to if you feel cheated, so always be cautious.

If you would like to read more about ProPoker by people who have actually played here, go here.

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Blacklisted Site: Choice Poker

Note: The following is about events that occurred over a year ago. The editors of this website are unsure of what the current status of Choice Poker is.

This is a relatively new site that now appears to be a rogue. It seems that players are not being paid (the site is probably defunct), so I would definitely avoid this site. I have never played at this site myself, nor do I ever intend to. If you want to read some about Choice Poker from people who have actually played there, go here.


While the opinions expressed here are made in an attempt to be as objective as possible, the reader assumes all risk when making any decisions based on the opinions expressed above. Except in the cases where the authors had an incident with the casino, all opinions expressed are based on the information provided by the casinos and opinions held among the online poker community.

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