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Guide to Empire Poker

Empire Poker is a fairly popular poker room. The competition at Empire tends to be similar to other sites, but here are a few tips that apply especially well at Empire:

First, take advantage of the size of Empire's poker room. While Empire Poker is a large room, it is still small enough that you can keep track of individual players and monitor games. There is plenty of tables from which to select, but there are still few enough players that you can keep notes on a fair number of opponents.

Another notable characteristic of Empire Poker is that the games tighten up a lot during a reload bonus period. A lot of players just interested in clearing the bonus play then, and these players tend to be weak-passives.

If there are a lot of weak-passive players at your table, you should alter your strategy some. Steal a lot of pots against these types of players. Bluff at the flop a lot and take control of the game. If these players raise (especially preflop), respect their hands.

Keep in mind that weak-passive players, while imperfect, are generally decent players. Thus, while you have the opportunity to gain extra bonus money, your hourly rate at playing the games themselves may decline during major bonus periods. Please note that it is not clear what bonus policy Empire will have in the future, so this observation may not always be the case.

The games at Empire Poker also seem to be slightly softer when they are shorthanded. There may be a couple of reasons for this. First, as is the case in all poker rooms, maniacs and calling stations may be attracted to the shorthanded games because they have more action. Furthermore, weak-passive players (which there are a fair number of at Empire) do not fare as well at shorthanded games.

Finally, take advantage of Empire's multi-table tournaments. Compared to Empire's ring game traffic, their multi-table tournament traffic is fairly low. This is surprising considering Empire has several daily freerolls and also holds many guaranteed prize pool tournaments.

A fair amount of the time, there is an overlay for Empire's guaranteed tournaments. This means that Empire has to add money to the prize pool. For example, suppose there is a $20+$2 tournament with a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool. Only 200 players enter this event. Normally, the prize pool would only be $4,000. Since Empire guaranteed a $5,000 prize pool, they would have to add $1,000 to the prize pool, essentially increasing all of the payouts by 25%.

While most of Empire Poker's guaranteed tournaments do not have significant overlays, it is worth paying special attention to the tournaments at Empire because you will often find a good deal.

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