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Submitted by me on 2005-02-09


The dealer picks a certain card to be wild before dealing. ex/ dueces are wild.

Then everyone plus a ghost is dealt 5 cards. The ghost is just a pile of 5 cards off to the side. It's like a player that doesnt bet.

When everyone sees what they have, all players hold their cards face down in the air in the middle of the table. The dealer counts to 3 and the players who think they have the best hand keep their cards in their hand. The players who don't like their hand drop their cards and folds.

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If more than one player keeps their cards, then whoever has the best hand takes the pot and whoever loses has to replace the pot.
The players have to compete against the ghost as well. If the ghost beats everyone elses hands, then the players that kept their hands have to each match the pot. Then the game starts over with the new pot in the middle. There are no new antes. A new wild card is picked by the dealer.

If only one player keeps their cards in the air, then they have to be able to beat the ghost. If that player beats the ghost, then that player takes the pot and the game ends. If they don't beat the ghost, then they have to match whatever is in the pot and the game starts over with the new pot. There are no new antes. A new wild card is picked by the dealer.

If nobody keeps their cards, then everyone antes again and the same routine is repeated with the new pot. A new wild card is picked by the dealer.

optional rule: This game can be played with only three cards. flushes and straights don't count. For three card games, the game would be very similar to Guts.

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