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Are You A Nit? (The Quiz)

THE WEEKLY SHUFFLE, 2008-03-23, by Ozone

What is the smallest buy-in online tournament in which you have used your time bank to stall your way in the money?

A.) Never done it. (0 points)
B.) $200+ (1 point)
C.) $100-$200 (2 points)
D.) $20-$100 (3 points)
E.) Less than $20 (5 points)

Have you ever not signed up for an online poker room solely because the minimum deposit was too high?

A.) Yes (4 points)
B.) No (0 points)

Would you rather take a guaranteed $15,000 or have a 20% chance of winning a drawing for $100,000?

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A.) Guaranteed $15k (3 points)
B.) Gamboool! (0 points)

One way to settle the bill for a meal is to play credit card roulette. For example, if you and a friend have lunch together, rather than split the bill, you could randomly draw one person's credit card which means that person has to buy the meal. Regarding credit card roulette, you would:

A.) Usually be down for the gamble. (0 points)
B.) Play from time to time provided the bill wasn't huge. (2 points)
C.) Never play. (5 points)

While visiting Vegas, you win a $10,000 seat to the WSOP Main Event. Assume for a moment that there is nothing conflicting with your ability to play in the tournament. What is the least amount of cash you would accept in exchange for the seat?

A.) $9,500+ (0 points)
B.) $8,000 (2 points)
C.) $7,000 (3 points)
D.) $6,000 (4 points)
E.) Less than $6,000 (5 points)

At the conclusion of a $13 cab ride, you give the driver a $20 and ask for $5 in change. He says he has no bills, just $3 in coins. You:

A.) Ask a passerby if they have change for a $20. (4 points)
B.) Accept the coins. (3 points)
C.) Say "forget it," and exit the cab. (0 points)

Of these four amounts, which of them is the smallest that you would still consider a "huge score"?

A.) $100,000 (0 points)
B.) $25,000 (1 point)
C.) $5,000 (3 points)
D.) $1,000 (5 points)

In a live heads-up session, you beat your opponent out of $800. They ask if you want to deal one hand in the dark and bet $800 on it. Your first impulse most closely resembles:

A.) "Sure!" (0 points)
B.) "Hmm... I wonder if I can get him to lay me some odds." (1 point)
C.) "No way, pal!" (3 points)

Your local poker room is holding a promotions where if you play 200 hours over the course of three months, you will win a seat to a freeroll. Assume this freeroll will have 75 players. Which of these dollar amounts most accurately represents the minimum amount the prize pool would have to be in order for you to log the hours?

A.) $250,000 (0 points)
B.) $100,000 (1 point)
C.) $50,000 (3 points)
D.) $15,000 (5 points)

Which of these choices best represents the least amount of money you would accept to avoid flipping a coin for either $1,000,000 or $0?

A.) $475,000 (0 points)
B.) $400,000 (1 point)
C.) $325,000 (3 points)
D.) $250,000 (4 points)
E.) $175,000 (5 points)

Tally your results:

0-6: Balla extrodinare!
7-15: Not exactly a "nit", but be careful...
16-25: You either have a wife and kids, or will within five years, guaranteed.
26-44: Your body will take you to about age 80, but you're living like it will last to 250!

The Weekly Shuffle is our Sunday column with our observations and commentary on the poker world. Have an idea for an article? Leave a suggestion on the feedback page.


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