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Weekly Shuffle Characters Make Their New Year's Resolutions

THE WEEKLY SHUFFLE, 2008-12-21, by Ozone, TwoGun

Poker players everywhere will be making their New Year's resolutions soon. Nate McNiterson, John "SnapcallU" Roberts, and Benny Degenerito are no exception. Each of them were kind enough to submit their lists to us recently.

Nate McNiterson's Resolutions

To get at least a 300% ROI on all the coupon books I buy.

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To find the future Mrs. McNiterson, aka "The One".

Finally break the $50,000 barrier on annual income.

Figure out a way to cut spending on food by 10%.

Take Mom on a 10 day vacation to Hawaii for under $700.

John "SnapcallU" Roberts' Resolutions

Win a WPT event.

Get out of makeup.

Play at least 2,000 MTTs... by the end of the WSOP.

Shave at least once a month and shower at least twice a week.

Go 20 consecutive days without smoking pot. Well... 10 consecutive days. Eh... scratch this idea. It comes from the Earth, how bad can it be?

Benny Degenerito's Resolutions

Finally hit a six-team parlay.

Avoid being summoned to take a paternity test; change phone number to help with this.

Don't gamble with money I don't yet have.

Don't play poker while intoxicated.

Finally figure out how to master the dice throw.

Maximum of one hooker per quarter.

Limit strip club visits to two per month.


What are your New Year's resolutions? Head over to this Forum thread to share!

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